Merit Selection Manual: Policy and Practices

The State Personnel Board (SPB) is pleased to issue the Merit Selection Manual: Policy and Practices. The manual establishes operational standards and guidelines for conducting selection processes for the State's civil service, as well as documenting professional best practices. The manual contains discussions of key selection subjects, addressing the issues and factors that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the State's selection program. The manual is a living document and will be updated and revised as necessary to ensure that it reflects the latest regulatory requirements and industry best-practices affecting the employment testing profession.

The SPB is committed to ensuring that the merit principle is embodied in the State's civil service, and each of you plays an integral role in this mission. The SPB encourages every agency and department to model their selection programs around both legal requirements and state-of-the-profession innovation. Through the utilization of a sound, job-related selection program, the State can be assured of a qualified, productive workforce. Selection decisions will be made on the basis of objective, job-related criteria.

SPB staff are available to provide technical assistance and guidance in every aspect of the selection process. For further information about the types of services that are available, please refer to the Merit Employment and Technical Resources Division's web page for the services and products that are offered through the Test Validation and Construction and Examination Services Units.

Merit Selection Manual
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Section 1100 - Equal Employment Opportunity in the State's Civil Service PDF icon 
Section 1200 - The State's Civil Service Selection Process PDF icon 
Section 1300 - Selection Program Standards PDF icon 
Section 2100 - Validation Strategies PDF icon 
Section 2200 - Job Analysis PDF icon 
Section 3300 - Recruitment for Civil Service Examination PDF icon 
Section 8000 - Eligible List Disclosure PDF icon 
Appendix A - Glossary PDF icon 
Appendix B - Resources PDF icon 
Appendix C - Professional Organizations PDF icon 
Appendix D - Summary of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures PDF icon 
Appendix E - Summary of the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures PDF icon 
Appendix F - Summary of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing PDF icon 
Appendix G - Sample Content Validation Report PDF icon 
Appendix H - Sample Job Analysis Report PDF icon