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A board decision designated as precedential does not have precedential effect until it becomes final. A board decision becomes final 30 days from the day it is served on the parties unless a petition for rehearing is filed. If the petition for rehearing is denied, the decision immediately becomes final. If the petition for rehearing is granted, the decision is withdrawn.

The most recent precedential decisions are listed below and will not be word-searchable until they are final:

Board Meeting DateCase Title
October 24, 2013Michael Bayliss - Precedential Decision No. 13-02
September 26, 2013Sheena Davis - Precedential Decision No. 13-01
June 5, 2012E.G - Precedential Decision No. 12-01
August 23, 2011Randall Curtis - Precedential Decision No. 10-03

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Confidential information in the Board precedential decisions, including names of peace officers, is redacted.

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