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Annual Census of Employees in the State Civil Service

Executive Order S-6-04 states that it is the policy of the State of California to provide equal employment opportunity for all individuals in all its activities. The State Personnel Board (SPB) provides statewide leadership, coordination, technical guidance, and enforcement regarding efforts to fully achieve equal employment opportunity and non-discriminatory employment practices within the State civil service.

In accordance with Government Code §19237, §19402, §19405, §19792(h)(i), §19792.5(a)(b), and §19793, the SPB prepares the Annual Census of Employees in the State Civil Service for the Governor and the Legislature. The data provided in the census captures the statewide ethnic, gender, and disability representation of State employees.

Discrimination Complaint Activity

Government Code §19702.5(c), requires the State Personnel Board (SPB) to report annually to the Legislature on formal discrimination complaints and appeals against each appointing authority in the State civil service.

Discrimination Complaint Process

Government Code Section 19702.5(c) requires that the State Personnel Board (SPB) hold a public hearing once every three years to assess the effectiveness, accessibility, and fairness of the State discrimination complaint process. The SPB is further required to report the results of the hearing, with recommendations for improving the process, to the Legislature within 90 days.